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TUTORING:We Want Youth

Our free one-on-one tutoring sessions can be offered for one to three hours per week. We work around YOUR learning goals. Whether it's catching up on school work, practicing reading or writing in English, or spending some extra time understanding algebra, we have got you covered. Our tutors are flexible to meet you where you are at and help you reach your goals!


Every Monday from 2:30-4:30 at John Barsby Secondary School, we host the SCOOP (School and Other Projects) Group! Have some snacks, participate in discussions called "hot topics", and maybe make some art! It is FREE to join.

Once a month we host the Speak Up Book Club for young adults ages 15-30. This is not your mother's book club. Every month we vote on a book to read, and discuss why it's relevant to being a young adult today, and what we appreciated, or hated about it. It is FREE to join.


Our Youth Literacy Coordinator, Qui, facilitates their own educational workshops, and can also be booked by other community organizations! Some of the topics their workshops cover are intercultural communication, exploring values and beliefs, consent and healthy relationships, body image, mental health, and gender diversity. They facilitate all of their workshops with a client-led, consent-based, trauma-informed lens. They are passionate about turning learning environments into truly safe spaces. If you are interested in attending one of these workshops, email or call Qui, or check our Facebook or Instagram (@literacycentralvi) to see upcoming public events.

If you have a group of youth that you would like to offer FREE literacy workshops for, contact Qui to discuss your options!

To sign up or learn more reach out any time!
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